Christian Resources


At Mountain Vista Baptist Church, we believe that it is important for Christians to have the resources they need to grow in Christ and combat the wickedness of the Devil.
It is because of that belief that this list of resources is provided to be a help in your Christian life





Being called into the ministry is one of the most exciting callings a Christian can have, and formal training at a Bible College is practically essential to begin work for the Lord. However many people can not set four years aside so they can train at a Bible College. That is why Baptist College of America was founded. BCA specializes in correspondence training for people who are not able to attend traditional four year Bible Colleges. This allows students to keep their regular jobs as well as work at their local Church.


Perhaps the biggest lie ever told is the Lie of Evolution. This lie is so pervasive that even good scientists will tell you that Evolution really happened. They can't prove it scientifically, they can't reproduce it, but it happened, and the only reason they can truly give is because "there is no God" (Psalm 53:1). However there is an alternative... Answers in Genesis and their partner The Institute for Creation Research were established to combat this lie and proclaim the truth revealed to us in the first book of the Bible: Genesis.


With some of the best Christian Music written today, Majesty Music is dedicated to producing good quality Christian Music that honors and glorifies our Lord. Majesty Music is also the creator of the popular childrens radio series, Patch the Pirate.